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All-Natural Body Care Products, Honey & More

Natural Skin and Body Care Products

If you are looking for natural skincare and body care products that will not damage your skin, welcome to Livlifelivery Farm in Mossleigh, Alberta. We sell homegrown meats, natural body care products, and honey that are pure and clean.

Our products are diverse and natural, and great for your skin and overall health. We do not use any dyes, preservatives, and chemicals.

Livlifelivery Farm

Steroid-free Meat & Eggs

We offer natural meat products raised without the use of hormones or steroids. We also have natural pet care products, and our brown eggs are offered in dozens.

Livlifelivery Farm

Farm to Beauty

We believe in nature’s ability to help you feel healthy, balanced, and beautiful. Since our beginning, we've been dedicated to supporting all-natural farming. Our products are natural, cruelty-free, and well-tested.

Livlifelivery Farm

Our Products

Why Choose Us

Our skincare products show amazing results after use. We believe skincare products must add freshness to your daily routine. Therefore we take extra care of the aroma of our products.

Our products are thoughtfully crafted to harness nature's vitality and work in harmony with your body’s vitality. We are committed to building farming partnerships that honor the human spirit and respect the natural world.

Our products are made up of clean formula and skin-nourishing ingredients. We offer free delivery to High River and Okotoks.